Why Monkey Porn?

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Had you told my grandmother 5 years ago that one day she would be patiently sitting at her Imac waiting to receive electronic pictures of her grandchildren, she would have just smiled at you sweetly and asked what a Imac was. Today, she sits proudly at her computer hoping her grandson isn't writing about monkey pornography.

I am happy to disappoint her, cause she has helped prove that new, once unreachable age groups are clicking and typing away. The blind, elderly, all online, all giving those people that reached them first their hard earned money (or social security checks). A successful company should service itís core audience before it has one.
Primate internet usage is like a tidal wave heading towards the shores of reality. We can choose to go to them when they cry for it, or we can be there before they even know they need us. Primate internet services have already begun popping up, and we will be at the forefront of a essential internet service.

Monkeys aren't interested in people, they aren't hot for our relatively hairless bodies. Monkeys want other monkeys. They don't want Swedish people, and they don't want Russians, and they aren't interested in barely legal asian schoolgirls. All the want is other monkeys. eMonkeyPorn.com  will be there for them when they start looking.