What to Expect

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What to expect:

When a Monkey visits eMonkeyPorn.com they will be immersed in the most wonderful Adult Primate entertainment possible.  From XXX Monkey Celebrity Pics to online games such as "Spank Your Monkey" the monkey will go bonkers.  And when our Monkey's go bonkers we make money.  And Making Money is what the internet is all about, Just ask Pets.com.

To Maximize the possible revenue from our user base we have broken our Product line of Adult Monkey Porn into the following categories:

bulletPremium Primate Adult Content including everything from Bukkake Monkey's to Banana Bus
bulletSex Supplies, we have recently partnered with Where's Your Monkey Condom Company who will produce our own line of Monkey Condom's "Banana Peels"
bulletSex Instructional Supplies, we have met with a wise old monkey, Bi-Curious George, who has helped us create the Monkey Karma Sutra
bulletUseful Tree House Items such as our Primate of the Month calendar