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eMonkeyPorn.com is the first online media company to tackle the growing market of online monkeys. Utilizing the most profitable sector of the internet-Pornography-we will bring our monkey customers all the monkey porn their sweet, primate brains can handle. According to extensive market research, early-adopting tech monkeys have tons of spare down time, love porn, and are willing to pay a premium for a the virginal sector of concentrated monkey internet porn.

eMonkeyPorn.com is not interested in starting the next internet trend. We aren't here to join 100 pre-existing sites in a brotherhood of online resources. Finally and most importantly, we do not have you are reading this because we hope to signÝ you onto our user base. eMonkeyPorn.com already has it's user base, scores and scores of websurfing Monkey's. It's the Monkey's, however, that don't have eMonkeyPorn.com

Until now.

Introducing eMonkeyPorn.com! The worlds premier Online Primate adult entertainment industry portal. eMonkeyPorn.com is not some measly chimp smut site whose only purpose is to collect $19.95 a month from our users while supplying inconstant updates and poor, recycled content. We are going to make ourselves available as the Primate digital internet pornography hub. The site by which all other monkey porn sites (and there will be many) will copy in hopes to supply a small fraction of the customer satisfaction we have!